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Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix

Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix

Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix    Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix
Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding , Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix. Durafix Aluminium Welding Brazing & Soldering Rods from Chronos. Chronos are pleased to announce we now stock the superb. DURAFIX ALUMINIUM WELDING BRAZING & SOLDERING RANGE. Rods are used to repair Aluminium, Al-alloys, Zinc, Pot metals, Die-cast and Kirksite dies. In fact you can use it on almost any non-ferrous metal, except stainless steel. You can use Durafix on dissimiliar metals (copper to aluminium) and even galvanized steel.

This revolutionary product designed specifically for aluminium welding, uses no flux, making it easy to use and environmentally safe. A low working temperature of 732° F (392° C). Durafix is the easiest method of welding aluminium and is ideal for use on all types of repairs.

Large or small the rod can help you make a professional, inexpensive and durable weld. There is no need for expensive equipment.

No need for years of welding experience. Its convenient and can be used by both novice and professional alike. Durafix is the most widely used rod on the market for aluminium welding , welding zinc based metals white die cast and pot metals. Welds made with the rod are clean and free from slag, and produces a sound joint which is stronger than the parent metal.

With Durafix rods you can now do aluminium welding which were previously too difficult or uneconomic. Aluminium boat repair was often impractical because of the very thin guage aluminium used in boat hulls.

Now aluminium skins of almost any thickness can be welded successfully, easily and cheaply. Durafix can be applied with any handheld torch Oxyacetylene, Mapp, Propane or Butane. The Durafix rod is an essential product for the D. Y enthusiast and a valued addition to the professional workshop for aluminium welding.

Welds are clean and free from slag, and stronger than the parent metal. You can now repair aluminium, previously too difficult or uneconomic. Durafix can be applied with any handheld torch Oxyacetylene, Mapp, Map/Pro or Propane. Durafix works on most aluminium, zinc, copper, brass, pot-metal and die-cast aluminium.

Durafix will not work on any ferrous metals except galvanized steel. Durafix will not work on Stainless steel, 2000 grade or Renthal T6 aluminium. Durafix will not work on lead, mazac, zamac, tin or pewter.

Durafix Easyweld will work with propane, butane, mapp, oxyacetylene or any. Fuel source as long as the material is brought up to 389´C (732´F) before applying the rod.

The material must be cleaned with a stainless steel brush only. Unlike conventional aluminium welding techniques, brazing with Durafix Easyweld is very simple. There is only one rod type, which works on all grades and alloys of aluminium. You do not need to identify the specific alloy or choose a brazing filler to match.

All you need are the parts to be repaired, the Durafix Easyweld rods and a heat source. Just follow these four steps for a perfect brazed repair. Brush surface of the part to be repaired thoroughly under heat to break up the surface coating of aluminium oxide.

Brush tinned surface under heat, thoroughly filling the open pores. This creates a film of rod over the weld or repair area, which aids bonding and strength to the weld. With sides thoroughly tinned, flow in enough rod to fill the vee. Be sure filler fuses with the tinned surface without melting the aluminium.

Leaky radiators spell trouble both for the effecient running of your vehicle and the environmental damage. Constantly filling up the coolant in your cars radiator, creates the risk of it overheating and the coolant you leak can cause environmental damage. Your cooling system will also become damaged with the fluctuating coolant levels.

A radiator is a very fragile piece of equipment, usually made from very thin gauge aluminium with either plastic sides or aluminium. Anything that hits it can easily puncture it and cause a leak. With metal tanks, repairing any damage is very difficult and often costs more than a replacement unit.

Durafix Easyweld can help you repair the damage in a few seconds, with minimal fuss. Using a handheld torch, heat the damage area REMEMBER this is very thin gauge aluminium, it will get to working teperature in a few seconds. Apply the heat and rub the end of a rod onto the damaged area, almost immediately the rod will flow. Simply go over the damaged area and take the heat away.

It will be cool in a few minutes, with your hole effectively fixed. When its cool fill with water and test again.

Because the rods dont drip like conventional solder, going over the holes wont cause blokages in the pipes, so the radiator will be as good as new, and for the cost of a few cents and a few minutes of your time, you have a perfectly working radiator. The same is applicable for fixing cooling units, condensors, and air-conditioning units. Durafix Easyweld rods work on any non-ferrous metals, except stainless steel. Suitable for aluminium welding , die-cast, zinc, copper and brass.

You can join these dissimiliar metals together. They will even work on galvanized steel. This is a very versatile product and a valuable addition to any toolbox and workshop. You can use Durafix Easyweld with any open flame torch.

How to Weld Zinc Alloy and Zinc-based Die-cast Metals. Vee the broken edges of the zinc alloy to about 45 degrees, clean the surface of any plating or scale back from edges of the vee 1/8 of an inch. Heat until it starts to flow.

Turn flame parallel to surface and with side of flame, hold at this heat. Heat welding rod to same temperature. Now with both bases and welding rod at this temperature, touch rod to the break and rod will flow into vee, thoroughly fusing the parts. Repeat operation until break is completely filled. Replacement parts are expensive as are repairs, not to mention time consuming. It is also difficult to do repairs in the open with conventional welding equipmentnot any longer. Durafix Easyweld is the alternative. Small, versatile and easy to use, you can repair parts on the water, or in the field. All you need is Durafix Easyweld and a handheld torch! How to repair a propeller.

PreperationGrind the damaged part of the blade to remove any sharp edges and paint. Now brush the damaged area throughly with the stainless steel brush, to break up surface oxide and remove paint.

HeatingHeat the blade hot enough to flow the rod without the aid of the flame. Tin the flat (not bevelled) side and attach a temporary support of stainless steel or iron. Turn and tin the bevelled side.

Building the bladeBuild out the blade slightly larger than its original size. Leave it to cool naturally. When it cools, the stainless or iron support will simply fall away. Now grind damaged edges to a 45 bevel. The ResultsLet cool, then grind to proper standards.

A well prepared wheel without porosity ready for you to balance and paint! Durafix Easyweld is a unique 3 in 1 application. Brazing, Soldering or Welding Aluminium is now as easy as 1-2-3. Durafix Easyweld is the most widely used rod on the market for welding zinc based metals white die cast pot metals.

Welding aluminium without the use of flux, produces a joint sound and free from porosity. Durafix Easyweld will work on galvanised steel, also used as a Rub-on solder. Use a slightly carbonized flame (excess of acetylene), with small tip for most work. Durafix Easyweld carries the following classifications. US Army Engineering Corp Spec no.

4ft/lb to break 1/4´´ bar. 0.52 kg/m to break 0.635cm bar. The item "Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix" is in sale since Friday, January 5, 2018. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\CNC, Metalworking & Manufacturing\Welding & Soldering Equipment\Welding Equipment & Accessories\Welders, Cutters & Torches\TIG Welders".

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Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix    Durafix Easyweld Aluminium Welding, Brazing & Soldering 10 Rod Kit Dura fix