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Welding Rod And Aluminum Repair Rods 400 Rod

Welding Rod And Aluminum Repair Rods 400 Rod

Welding Rod And Aluminum Repair Rods 400 Rod    Welding Rod And Aluminum Repair Rods 400 Rod

1 BOX 400 FLUXLESS ALUMINUM REPAIR ROD. All of my welding rod is made in the United States. All 400 rods are approximately 1/8" diameter and 18" long. The skeg pictured below was rebuilt by using my. I repaired the above pictured boat out in the woods and a cool.

Breeze of about 5 miles per hour was blowing. The below pictured compressor was leaking so much.

I welded it with my Special Alloy. Rod and I have been using it about 3 years since, with. The below came from a satisfied user.

I'm an amateur and i just fixed an irrigation pipe in the field, no problem. Helo from Canada Charles, Just a short note to praise your aluminum welding rods. We own and operate a fishing resort in Ontario Canada. From our resort we have boats on 12 lakes. When the season ends we turn the boats over and take the out boards back to our main lodge.

In June of that year we had a flood. My boat on one of our portage lakes broke loose and when I found it, it was rubbing on a rock. End result was a hole about 1 inch long and 1/8 inch wide. My solution was me and 2 other fellas to drag a 16 fot Lund 1 mile through the woods, tow the boat 25 miles to town and pay to get it reapired.

The alternative was to walk the 1 mile into Ash Lake with a few of your rods and a propane torch. This testimonial can be verified at one, eight, o, seven, two, seven, four, four, o, four, six or at. The Dallas Winter Boat Show in booth 311.

Those rods will always be close. Glen Treflin, Northern Lite Camp, Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada. Fishing at it's the best! PS: I also have a sucess story of fixing an aluminum boat that was turned over for the winter and had a hole punched through it by a snow machine ski. The torch you see me using in above picture works very well. This is a 5000 bernzomatic.

You will receive full, easy to understand instruction with the box of 400 rod. Unused portion of the merchandise. In the early fifties, I started fooling around with trying to weld aluminum with a torch. I had no idea how hard it was, til I tried. I burned up a lot of aluminum.

I finally learned how to repair aluminum with a torch, with great difficulty. I kept working on it til I figured out how to make it easy for anyone. No more burning up your aluminum. We have developed a rod that makes it so easy to repair aluminum with any kind of torch, that even.

An amateur can look good even on the very first try. This newly developed rod repairs cast aluminum, die cast, extruded, sheet aluminum, pot metal. Aluminum from Japan, Russia, England, France, Fiji Islands, United States or where ever. This rod repairs aluminum that was made yesterday, or aluminum that was made in the year l888. It is compatible with all aluminum alloy. This new rod will repair any metal that a magnet will not attract. It is actually true, you can be a success on the very first try.

We have developed a rod that makes it easy for even the first timer to be a success. A propane torch puts out 2600 degrees Fahrenheit. Aluminum melts at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. A propane torch puts out over twice the heat needed to melt aluminum. So, we have never had a problem with having enough heat.

We used to have a rod problem. Now we have solved the rod problem. Just clean your aluminum down to bare metal. Use a file, grinder, sand paper, sandblast or brush it off. Just do not use any chemicals.

Use your rod for a test stick. Touch the rod to the work piece, not the flame. When your rod starts to melt, you know you have the aluminum work piece hot enough to repair. I will guarantee you that you will not burn your aluminum. You will be a success on your very first try.

We have developed many rod over the years. We have built thousands and thousands of rods in Arkansas, Florida and Texas. Promotion and sales are taking up all of my time now, so we are having friends build it for us, but it is to specification. Our rod has the same satisfaction guarantee that we have always had. You may have seen me demonstrate this rod.

I have demonstrated this rod over much of the United States in the last several years. You may have seen me at boat shows, car shows, RV shows, antique car shows, tractor shows, and steam shows, in many different states. I also distribute my rod out to other demonstrators, and you will see some of them out at various shows over the country. I have 100's of written testimonials as to the success inexperienced people have had with this aluminum repair rod.

Says Repaired boat prop easily in minutes. I do business with many boat dealers and one of the boat dealers employee said he repaired a junk boat with my Special Alloy Rod and here is what he said. Filled it up with water and found 32 holes.

The rods to weld up my holes and now I have not 1 leak. Says Patched a crack in lawn mower crank case - It works! Says I have used this rod to repair racing heads on dirt track cars and this is absolutely amazing how easy & well it works.

One gentlemen says Repaired barrel sleeve on Beretta 22 target pistol with aluminum repair rod. Aluminum Repair Rod will even repair pot metal. Many welders will tell you that it is impossible to repair pot metal.

Says I welded a 55 T Bird horn ring. Have showed car may times with no problem. I repaired a compressor head with this rod.

The threads were stripped out. The compressor was completely useless and a new head was not available. The compressor does not leak and it has been going for over 3 years after the repair.

It is all one piece of metal now. The top of the tripod that I welded on is pot metal and it is stronger now than when new. The skeg on the boat motor was repaired with a propane torch and my SPECIAL ALLOY ROD. Says I repaired 1976 Harley motorcycle. Outside case cover had a crack and hole. Filled the crack and hole, then polished. Says I used aluminum repair rod to repair leaking rivets on an old jon boat and it worked well.

CAP in Corpus Christi, Tx says I repaired broken tip of outboard aluminum propeller with aluminum rod and was as hard as the original. You can repair boats, jon boat, canoes, lawnmowers, motorcycles, air conditioning equipment, refrigeration units, drill motors, routers, saws, blocks, heads, oil pans.

Valve covers, chainsaws, weedeaters, four wheelers, all kinds of. Air tools and the list goes on and on. I sell aluminum repair rod to welders, auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, boat repairmen, outboard motor repairmen. Each rod is 1/8" X 18".

We do not cut our rod into short 9 lengths. This is new fresh rod, and the rod will never go bad. There is no flux in or on it, so there is nothing to go bad. Please do not use any kind of flux, No chemicals.

No acid, no jells, no resin of any kind. Just file, sand, grind, or sandblast down to bare metal and you are ready to start. No need to have to use a stainless steel brush. You cannot get anymore wholesale than this. Do not use this torch. Full, easy to understand instructions come with the box of rod. Helpfull tech info along with Great! The way all biz should run! Product was just as described.

Great ebayer hope to do business with again! GREAT ROD EASY TO USE.

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Welding Rod And Aluminum Repair Rods 400 Rod    Welding Rod And Aluminum Repair Rods 400 Rod